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specification-driven serverless microservice framework

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- v0.1

Jali is

  • specification-driven permitting consumer driven contracts and multi-version management
  • serverless so you can write just your routines and run using any and all configurable platforms
  • where the microservice is the unit of development, delivery and management
  • a full multitenant, partitionable DevOps platform because modern microservice delivery is continuous
  • an extensible, polyglot framework providing circuit breaking, self-documenting APIs and explicit routine services
  • an infrastructure pluggable for many major microservice platforms (eventually…)

Demonstrated Practices and Technologies

Jali also demonstrates state of the art development practices and technologies.


Project Management

Compliance Management

  • Tools that integrate with GitHub’s protected branch status checks to document and enforce that software meets compliance checks. Example: PR #88
    • Automated Contributor License Agreement (CLA) compliance
    • Package license and security compliance
    • Code quality compliance enforcement using static code analysis (includes ignored errors, duplicate code, code complexity and linting)


Developer Experience (DX)

  • Use of Configuration Management tools to provide consistent development environment
    • Only Vagrant, VirtualBox, and Chef tools need to installed to stand up a consistent graphical Ubuntu 16.04 development environment across all operating systems.
    • Guest development environment provides the full range of tools needed, including Docker, NodeJS, Visual Studio Code, sphinx for Jekyll-based documentation, etc.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

  • GitHub PR integrated Continuous Integration (CI) service ensures only successfully build code gets merged into the master branch
  • GitHub integrated Automated Dependency Management for NPM project dependencies

NodeJS Development Techniques